How We Can Promote Pakistan Tourism

Pakistan has been suffering through the war of terrorism and misled leadership for years now. So many governments came and went away without even laying a finger on the fact that the country was suffering through a huge backlash.

Education sector, health sector, police departments, human rights sector, infrastructure, our economy, all of these has suffered at the hands of poor leadership and corruption. In the midst of all this, most of us forgot that Pakistan is so rich in natural beauty and the landscapes it has are no less than a vision of a paradise.

Pakistan’s tourism sector has suffered the most over the years, due to security measure, there was a great backlash regarding the incoming foreign tourists. And not just that, even residents of Pakistan themselves stop visiting the tourist sites due to the poor roads and life threatening dangers that it be held. Even though the tourism industry faced backlash, many tour operators like Waleed Air Services (Pvt.) Limiteds continued to play their part and encouraged tourism throughout the country.

But indeed, once all that fear evaporated, Pakistan’s tourism sector had to flourish and it did. Gilgit-Baltistan is the heart of tourism in Pakistan and in the past few years, many tourism companies have been established and they have worked great, bringing phenomenal growth regarding tourism in Pakistan. Many tour operators have launched their services like Waleed Air Services (Pvt.) Limiteds and are helping to promote the long gone exploration of Pakistan.

But there are still a few things that we need to keep in mind in order to promote tourism and help it add to our economy. Lets discuss a few step that we can take in order to promote Pakistani tourism.

1. Historic places must be rehabilitated
Many historic places like Shalimar Gardens, Rohtan Fort, Rawat Fort, Altit Fort have been lost in the woods. Our government must take strong measures and rehabilitate these tourist sites as soon as possible. These tourist sites attract local tourist on great lengths and should be able to generate economic benefits widely.

2. Infrastructure needs to be improved
Have you seen tourism sites in foreign countries? Their standard of living there and the facilities they provide is top notch. We need to improve our infrastructure and provide necessary facilities to the tourists so they can enjoy the exploration. Most of the tourists don’t visit far off places because they fear it will be highly remote and won’t find their necessities.

3. Keep our landscapes clean
We have often come across many pictures where there is garbage laying around at a beautiful tourist site such as lake Saif-Ul-Malook. There was garbage and trash lying everywhere and as the citizens of Pakistan; it is our dire duty that we must keep our beloved land clean and invite people to explore Pakistan. Waleed Air Services (Pvt.) Limiteds is one of the best tour operators out there because they highly focus on maintaining the tourist sites they take their passengers to.

4. Necessary tourism campaign and advocacy
We need to attract people to come visit us. We need to encourage our tourism ourselves. Campaigns like “Tour Pakistan & Witness the Serenity Yourself” will encourage people to explore Pakistan on a larger scale. Our influences also need to play a role in it and should advocate their experiences to such sites. We recently came across a blog where a social media influencer, Humna Raza so profoundly explained her visit to Hunza and Skardu and explained how awesome it was and how amazing the people of Gilgit-Baltistan are.

5. Cooperation among the tour operators
There are many tour operators now in the country. All these tour operators must cooperate with one another and encourage each other. Should build contacts and attract tourists by providing them amazing facilities. Waleed Air Services (Pvt.) Limiteds is one of the tourist companies that is encouraging tourists on a larger scale. They provide them with amazing facilities on a very affordable price range. Thus, contributing to the tourism in Pakistan.

So, these are a few ways to how we can enhance our tourism and play vital role as Pakistani citizens. It is our utmost duty as a nation. If you think that there is something you would like to add up, please leave us with your feedback and we will keep it in mind when we write the next blog. Stay tuned for more on Pakistani Tourism with us.

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